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“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”~ Peter F. Drucker.


Eco Commercial Coatings was created to provide a healthy working environment for myself, my employees, end users of the coated products and an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious way of providing a coating service for commercial and residential projects.

Paint by its nature is a composition of chemicals, most of which are harmful, poisonous and under long term use can cause disease and death.

These issues hit home when my father, who was a painter during the 80’s and 90’s was diagnosed at 55 with Chemically induced Parkinson disease. This debilitating disease was brought on from overexposure to the harmful chemicals in the paints of the time.

As a painter of 15 years, I made the decision to change.
Not just the type of paint material I use but also the way we apply it.

Using High Efficiency Pumps that lower the atomisation of the paint particles we are able efficiently apply the product while having less overspray in the air.
ECC is committed to you, your project and the environment.
So, whatever the project you have in mind ECC works with you to design and create your vision while secretly protecting the environment, the individuals that have worked on your project and the people who enjoy what you have created.